Piano + Drums + Guitar + 2 Violins + Dance

A suitable PA system is required for the size of the venue and the number of people attending, with speakers capable of delivering sufficient power and with uniform coverage throughout the public area.

For our show, we don’t need the excess of sub-bass. In case of using sub-bass, a separate channel will be dedicated to its processing and our technician will always be allowed to adjust the processing of the equipment. We always look for the care and good use of the equipment and in the case of theaters and fixed installations, after the concert we will leave all the configuration as we found it.

The sound control (FOH) must be located in the center of the audience or in the back, never on the stage with exceptions and always with our approval. Our sound technician operates all digital tables on the market, with preference for DIGICO SD10. If you need to use an analog table, please contact us immediately.

All equipment must be assembled, adjusted and operational by the time we arrive. We are very careful with the image on the stage, the wiring must be as clean and hidden as possible, leaving entrance corridors completely free of wiring, depending on the position of the stairs and accesses, in case there is dancing on the stage.

As far as lighting is concerned, the show works with fixed white, however, it will be appreciated if a light operator technician is provided to bring dynamism to the colour and staging, with just enough smoke for the use of moving heads if necessary.

The show does not have video as part of it. In case there is an LED screen or projections on the stage, it will be previously communicated to determine the use of it during the show.

With regard to the ratio of microphones used, we are always happy to adapt, all brands and models are replaceable by similar ones. Please contact Adolfo Morales, our technical manager, to send a counterpart.

First of all, thank you very much for reading and attending to our requests and needs, we are sure we will have a great evening.

For any doubt, consultation or modification:

F.O.H. Technician: Adolfo Morales TLF.: +34 687 11 60 13
Mail.: adolfomoralesorozco@gmail.com

MUSICAL DIRECTOR.: Daniel Valenzuela TLF.: +34 629 51 74 52
Mail.: josedanielvalenzuela@hotmail.com

DIEGO VALDIVIA TLF.: +34 640 03 72 35
Mail.: d.valdiviavalero@gmail.com

Courtesy Rider